So why are you coming back? and other questions

I figure this is going to be one of the more common questions which is going to be asked. Probably up there with “Who?” (To which the only answer you should give is “Star-Lord”)

I’m coming back, because I figure I still have something to give. I stopped because I was 6 years in, and really needed a break at that time (and, to be honest, my voter numbers had fallen.)

Now I’m rested, chances of burn out alleviated, and people still need the representation I’m able to give.

Who are you?

I’m an independent highsec industrialist, who runs one of the better known third party websites for Eve online. If you need to see some details about what to buy in an LP store to make isk, you may well have used my site. If you’re getting started in industry, you may well use my blueprint calculator. If you’re building your own site, you may well be using one of the static data extract conversions. If you’re using another third party site, they are likely using one of the conversions. Using a spreadsheet which uses the market? Might be using the API on

When I say Independent, I mean that I’m not part of any large alliance. No-one’s pulling my strings. No hidden agendas. (Not saying that any particular candidate is having strings pulled. But I know it’s a concern for some voters)

When I say Highsec, I may day trip into lowsec and wormholes, but my focus on day to day life is Highsec. It’s where I live. I have an Alt in FW, though they don’t get as much play time as they should.

When I say Industrialist, I make things. Ships. Modules. Rigs. Implants. That’s where I make my ISK. Being on the CSM can make this a little harder, but I’ve worked out how to deal with that on previous terms. (Mostly by staying well away from anything I know will be changing, for better or worse)